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Technology for Mission Critical Applications

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About Carmenta Engine

Carmenta Engine is an advanced geospatial platform for mission critical applications, designed from the ground up to meet the demanding geographic requirements of high-performance applications. Carmenta Engine can be trusted to handle everything relating to maps and other spatial data in any type of 2D and 3D Windows, Linux or Android application. 

About Carmenta Server

Carmenta Server makes it easy to build sophisticated mapping applications for the Internet and mobile devices. Combine any kind of background map with dynamic data, such as facility locations, vehicle positions or traffic information.

About Carmenta Geodata Organiser

Carmenta Geodata Organiser is a complete solution for searching, collecting, organising, updating and publishing information about GIS data and services. It contains all the necessary tools for extracting metadata information from connected sources and building an efficient catalogue for a comprehensive view of an organisation’s geodata resources.

About Carmenta Map Builder

Carmenta Map Builder an easy-to-use application that enables end users to prepare and deploy background maps to their Carmenta based applications.

Carmenta CoordCom

Carmenta CoordCom™ is a Command, Control, Communication, Computer & Information System (C4IS) for public safety organisations running an emergency response operation, as well as critical infrastructure protection operations such as border control.

About Carmenta ResQMap

Carmenta ResQMap is a multi-user map display designed to be used in mission critical applications, such as Public Safety and National Security.

Carmenta Sea & Air Rescue

Carmenta Sea & Air Rescue is a multi-user emergency response system designed for JRCCs (Joint Rescue Coordination Centres) that can handle both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been designed to meet all the requirements of demanding search and rescue operations, and its combination of user friendliness and hi-tech features ensures that operators are able to locate incidents and direct resources quickly and accurately.