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Carmenta ResQMobile

Case Management and Navigation Application for Emergency Vehicles

Carmenta ResQMobile is a navigation and case management application for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, that ensures rescue staff get to their destination as efficiently as possible.

  • Case and status management
  • Secure data communication over internet using 4G/5G LTE mobile networks, and over Tetra digital radio networks when mobile networks are unavailable
  • Road maps, aerial photo maps and possible to add custom made maps
  • Navigation with voice based turn-by-turn instructions
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Modern multi-touch user interface with “pinch to zoom” gestures
  • Functions also available when vehicle is off line  
  • Modern services architecture with API that makes it easy to integrate into most emergency response systems
  • Low maintenance cost – software, map and navigation data is updated “over the air”
  • Possible to test new versions on a small set of vehicles first before making it available for all vehicles
  • For laptops or tablets running Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Navigation Map – small memory footprint, can be updated “over the air”
  • Resource View – view other emergency vehicles on the map
  • Photo and Video – take photos and videos at incident and share with others working on the same case
  • Documents – read station documents in the vehicle