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Responsibility and business mindedness

Carmenta’s quality policy aims to create quality awareness that permeates the entire company.

Our company should always be characterised by responsibility and business mindedness.

Through constantly delivering products and services of a sought-after quality, we are creating the perfect conditions for positive, long-term customer relations. Continual investment in quality is the most important prerequisitive for creating satisfied customers, employees and shareholders. Our management system creates common working methods to ensure customer orientation, effectivity and quality: 

  • We shall at all times, and based upon business mindedness, put the customer’s needs and expectations first. 
  • We shall constantly preserve and develop the commitment and competence of our employees. 
  • We shall, through internal co-operation, contribute to participation, good decision making and a stimulating working environment. 
  • We shall apply goal and result oriented management in combination with ‘by the rules’ management. 
  • We shall work systematically and in a process-oriented way with the aim of renewal and constant improvements. 
  • We shall constantly analyze any risks which can affect the chances of reaching the goals that we have set.
  • We shall have a low risk acceptance and only take considered and conscious risks.