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30 years of experience

About us

Carmenta is a software company offering high-performance geospatial (GIS) products and solutions as well as systems for emergency response and critical infrastructure protection. With 30 years of experience, our technology is characterised by high performance, high availability, ease of use, openness and scalability.

Our products are based on set standards and support most geospatial data formats. As an active member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Carmenta is dedicated to using and promoting open standards wherever possible.


Management Team Carmenta Group

Björn Berndtsson, President and CEO Carmenta Group
Hans Djurfeldt, President and CEO Public Safety and Security Systems
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer

Management Team Geospatial Technology

Björn Berndtsson, President and CEO 
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer
Johan Holmqvist, VP Business Development
Torbjörn Lönnqvist, VP Head of Sales & Marketing
Carl-Johan Lundell, VP Professional Services, Quality Officer
Tobias Moberg, VP Research and Development

Management Team Public Safety and Security Systems

Hans Djurfeldt, President and CEO 
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Björnberg, Chief Technology Officer
Stefan Augustsson, Head of Service Innovation & Delivery, Quality Officer
Niclas Wängberg, Head of Product Innovation & Development, Valencia
Steve Watson, Sales Director

Board of Directors Carmenta Group

Henrik Scharp, Chairman of the board
Gunnar Storm
Jonas Fredriksson
Wolfgang Kroh 
Crister Stjernfelt
Kristian Jaldemark