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Carmenta Weather Modules

Seamless integration of weather forecasts with Carmenta products

Carmenta Weather Modules is a comprehensive solution for adding weather forecasts to desktop map applications or web GIS solutions based on Carmenta products. The modules provide all the necessary tools for automatically downloading and processing weather forecast data and displaying the information as fully rendered map layers – in any application or through standardised web services. The modules are compatible with standards used by national and intergovernmental weather organisations and quickly process all updates to ensure the latest forecasts are available, thereby aiding the decision-making process.

Access to prevailing and forecasted weather conditions is crucial in many decision-making situations. Modern weather forecasting is based on sophisticated weather model calculations, involving vast amounts of predicted meteorological information for specific locations and altitudes. High quality meteorological data from the world’s leading weather forecast providers improves situation awareness for operators in a wide range of applications.Carmenta Weather Modules enable easy integration of this type of data and weather forecast maps can be added to any Carmenta-based system.The modules can also be linked to commercial providers such as C-MAP Marine Weather Services and Foreca, a leading provider of weather data and digital weather services worldwide.