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Efficient situation awareness based on geospatial information in a network architecture

Carmenta Server for Defence

Carmenta Server provides all necessary functionality for the management, analysis and presentation of information in distributed and mobile environments. Based on standard web technology, Carmenta Server offers a robust and highly scalable solution that simplifies the exchange of data.

In an organisation it is desirable to achieve a common level of awareness, where every user has the same background map and the same operation data, like real-time and sensor data, for overlays.
A typical user network could be a national mission planning system for multiple users, a field battle group or a small network onboard an aircraft, vehicle or vessel. The server technology enables all kinds of onboard systems to access the same geospatial data and see the same situational displays, regardless of hardware or applications, provided they remain connected to the network.
In systems that are heavily dependent on geographic analyses, such as line-of-sight or vertical analyses, these calculations can be performed at server level, saving capacity at local client level.

Carmenta Server

Carmenta Server fully utilises the latest developments in server technology and hardware architectures. It can be deployed to support small teams with single machine installations and scaled up to run enterprise-wide networks. Given the very high performance figures and an ability to handle high volumes, a business critical GIS website can run on fewer servers without compromising capacity or availability.

The product fully supports the deployment of Internet services in virtual and cloud environments. Carmenta Server uses all geoprocessing functionality in the built-in map engine, Carmenta Engine.

The security framework is a vital part of the Carmenta Server product, using access rights for all Carmenta Server components.