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Carmenta Server

Visualisation and distribution of GIS data through web services

Carmenta Server is our product for service oriented architectures (SOAs) and is an ideal tool for building and maintaining highly scalable web-based geospatial applications. A straightforward setup, small footprint and easy administration make it very easy to integrate into any new or existing system architecture. It runs perfectly on a single PC or laptop but can be scaled up to run very large web-based service platforms, and fully supports the deployment in virtual and cloud environments.

The capacity to seamlessly combine information in real-time and establish a common operational picture makes Carmenta Server particularly useful in server-based systems that deliver situational awareness.

Carmenta is a technical committee member of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), an international industry consortium of more than 520 companies, government agencies and universities. Carmenta Server implements over 25 OGC specifications and holds six certificates.

Carmenta Server comes bundled with a JavaScript web client composed of carefully selected and fully integrated open source components including Openlayers 3 for 2D maps and Cesium for 3D globe presentation.

Examples of where Carmenta Server is used:


Traffic Management

Carmenta supplies a wide range of robust web-based tools for traffic management. Our Carmenta Server, for example, can be integrated into most operational systems to provide a data aggregation platform for the presentation of real-time traffic situations.

Whether your objective is keeping track of transported goods, optimising shipping routes or monitoring road traffic flow, Carmenta can provide you with an efficient networked solution.


Spatial Data Infrastructures

Spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) with Carmenta Server as the backbone can rely on its high performance and scalability for a wide range of scenarios. The fact that Carmenta uses established international standards in all service interfaces means that Carmenta Server can easily be integrated into any new or existing IT environment.

For systems being set up to support the INSPIRE directive, Carmenta provides out-of-the-box support for all relevant regulations, recommendations and guidelines.


Command and Control 

Carmenta Server is the perfect backend for any web-based command & control (C2) system. It enables a common operational picture (COP) to be created from any combination of data sources and distributed through standardised web services to any number of C2 clients. It also has a built-in security framework that can be used to control access rights for every service and individual information layer.


Intelligent Transport Systems

Carmenta Server has a built-in capacity to simultaneously gather and compile information from several ITS sources, including GPS devices, onboard vehicle sensors and roadside equipment. When combined with detailed information about road networks, for example, this data can be used to establish a dynamic operational picture for monitoring and controlling assets in any ITS-related situation.

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