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Carmenta Search and Rescue

Information and Control Tool for Search and Rescue

Carmenta Search and Rescue  is a multi-user emergency response system designed for JRCCs (Joint Rescue Coordination Centres) that can handle both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been designed to meet all the requirements of demanding search and rescue operations, and its combination of user friendliness and hi-tech features ensures that operators are able to locate incidents and direct resources quickly and accurately.

The system provides SAR (Search and Rescue) coordinators with an accurate, easy-to-interpret common operational picture including maps, resources, cases, weather forecasts, drift calculations, findings and search areas, etc. – thereby helping operators to make better, faster and more informed decisions.

In addition, Carmenta Search and Rescue improves overall communication, as all new data is instantly shared with the other operators and can be easily distributed to any relevant organisation or resource. 


Carmenta Search and Rescue has an advanced search planning function, including support for probability calculations and IAMSAR procedures, for example, calculation of POC, POD and POS. It also has support for large touch screens, which means that several people can interact and work together at the same time, resulting in efficient teamwork and effective operator cooperation.

Carmenta Search and Rescue has been developed in close cooperation with the MONALISA project and from December 2015, the new system is in operation by the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Key benefits

  • Map centred for user-friendliness and situational awareness.
  • Designed for mission-critical use.
  • Based on a reliable and proven platform used by many emergency response services around the world.
  • Easy integration with other systems, due to a large number of proven and well documented interfaces.