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Carmenta ResQMap

Powerful GIS for Public Safety and Civil Security

ResQMap is a multi-user map display designed to be used in mission critical applications, such as Public Safety and National Security.

Typical examples of usage are in command and control centers to support emergency call-taking and ambulance dispatch, or in applications relating to critical infrastructure protection and border control, integration with video and sensor system communication infrastructures.

Enhance your operations by adding secure ‘as-a-Service’ public safety capabilities – enabled as private or public service layers – to your operation’s support system, without the expense of on-site hardware, read more.

Key features

  • Designed for geographically distributed multi-site installations
  • Real-time presentation of vehicles and incidents
  • High-speed address search (geocoding) and routing
  • Flexible layer management
  • Instant information sharing
  • Seamless integration with video and sensor systems