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Maps and map data

Carmenta offers a wide range of map products as on-line services as well as tailored map solutions for your system needs.

Map-as-a-Service by Carmenta

Carmenta offers maps in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The Map-as-a-Service option is easily integrated into applications via standard web map services and is available with Service-Level Agreements (SLA) for the various different usage scenarios. 

  • Carmenta Sverigekarta-as-a-Service
    - The Sweden Map is optimised for C2 systems and is available as an OGC WMS/WMTS service.

  • Carmenta Nordenkarta-as-a-Service
    - The Nordic Countries Map is optimised for traffic management systems and is available as an OGC WMS/WMTS service.

  • Nautical Charts-as-a-Service
    - The OGC WMS/WMTS service publishes C-MAP Electronic Navigational Charts (Professional+) with global coverage.

  • Weather Maps-as-a-Service
    - The OGC WMS/WMTS service publishes global weather forecast maps based on data from C-MAP Marine Weather Services.

  • Custom Map-as-a-Service
    - Carmenta can set up and host a range of customised web map services according to specific client needs. Please contact info@carmenta.com for more information.

Carmenta maps

Carmenta have prepared a number of specialist maps for use in mission-critical systems. These maps are available for on-site installation or as MaaS.

  • Carmenta Sverigekarta
    - The Carmenta Sverigekarta (Sweden Map) is a digital map of Sweden that has been optimised for use in command & control systems. The map’s layout and colour scheme have been carefully chosen and are ideal for use as a background map.

  • Carmenta Nordenkarta
    - The Carmenta Nordenkarta (Nordic Countries Map) is a digital map of the Nordic countries. It is particularly suited to road traffic management systems as it provides a highly detailed view of the road network.

Third party maps

Carmenta is a value added reseller for map data from the following providers:

  • HERE 
    - The leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data (formerly NAVTEQ Maps).
  • Lantmäteriet (The Swedish National Land Survey)
    - The leading provider of maps, cadastral survey and location data for Sweden.
  • Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration)
    - The leading provider of road and transportation data for Sweden.