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Carmenta Engine for Soldier System Development

Helping mobile applications deliver optimum situational awareness

  • Runs on Android™
  • Fast offline or online maps
  • Efficient battery usage
  • Tactical symbols and graphics 
  • Real time line of sight analysis

The Carmenta Engine for Android tools and components enable application developers to rapidly add functions that are essential for soldier systems and other situational awareness applications.

In order for the map display to be truly useful for soldiers, it needs to represent the surrounding terrain as accurately as possible. Carmenta Engine enables topographic maps to be combined with high-resolution imagery and enhancements, such as elevation contours and elevation colouring, in a single map display.

It supports both online and offline operation. Online devices can read maps and geospatial data directly from Carmenta Server or other OGC compliant map servers. Offline devices can access the same maps via a versatile map packaging mechanism.

Maps can be read from a number of different sources, including commonly used military map products such as DTED and VMAP.

The integrated handling of moving objects on the map facilitates rapid development of Blue Force Tracking functionality with excellent performance.

Carmenta Engine for Android makes efficient use of the hardware and battery, thanks to a core written entirely in low-level code and a map packaging process that creates highly optimised maps.

The Visibility Extension provides on-device, real time line of sight calculations. This makes it possible to instantly provide the soldier with crucial information about how exposed a specific location is.

The Tactical Extension enables applications to quickly add editable tactical overlays containing symbols and graphics according to the MIL-STD-2525B and APP-6B standards.

Naturally, Carmenta Engine is fully integrated with Android, allowing applications full access to the multi-touch display, GPS, compass, camera and other device sensors.