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Carmenta Engine - Radar Plot Extension

Hardware Accelerated Rendering of Extremely Dynamic Objects

The Carmenta Engine Radar Plot Extension is a supplementary package for systems that need to display radar plot overlays or other highly dynamic layers. Thanks to a highly optimized, GPU accelerated rendering pipeline, the Radar Plot Extension can handle millions of continuously moving objects.

Mission critical systems often need to handle real time data streams from external sensors such as radars. Handling such data streams can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the map display up-to-date with the rapidly changing information.

The Carmenta Engine Radar Plot Extension is designed to make this task easy. The high performance of the component ensures that applications will be able to handle virtually any amount of plots without slowing down the system.


  • GPU accelerated rendering pipeline (OpenGL or DirectX) can handle millions of continuously updated plots. 
  • Optimized API (available for C++, .NET and Java) allows the application to handle plots in batches to minimize overhead.
  • Plots can be rendered either as coloured dots or using external symbol files.
  • The plot opacity can be dynamically updated. This makes it easy to e.g. smoothly fade out old plots. 
  • Plots can be overlayed on any Carmenta Engine map – benefit from the support for 70+ data formats and high fidelity rendering to create a highly usable map display.
  • The Plot Extension is available for all Carmenta Engine versions – it runs both on Windows, Linux and Android.