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Carmenta Engine - Georeferenced Video Extension

Overlay Full Motion Videos onto your Carmenta maps – from any source

Real time video overlays can provide a crucial advantage for UAV Ground Control Stations and other systems that manage tactical video intelligence.

Overlaying a live video stream onto a map, from a UAV or other source, significantly increases the usability of the video, as everything that happens in the video is immediately georeferenced.

The modular architecture of the Carmenta Engine Georeferenced Video Extension enables you to program your own code to read both the video stream and the camera metadata, using any of the APIs supported by Carmenta Engine (C++, C# or Java) – which means you can use videos from any source.

To make getting started easier, the extension comes with a sample video and associated camera metadata, this metadata could be extracted from a video stream encoded in accordance with the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) 0601 and NATO STANAG 4609 standards.