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Carmenta Engine for Battle Management Systems

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Map Engine for Embedded Systems

Commanders on today’s and tomorrow’s battlefields need the right information, in the right place, at the right time, to make superior decisions.

Carmenta Engine is a map engine built from the ground up to empower mission critical applications. This makes it ideal for a Battle Management System (BMS).

With Carmenta Engine on-board it is easy to build and maintain a Common Operational Picture (COP). Out-of-the-box components facilitate Blue Force Tracking functionality.

A highly efficient SDK makes it easy to build and deploy map-based C2 solutions on a wide range of computer platforms.

With extensive experience as a Scandinavian defence contractor, we have created a system that is jam-packed with features that are invaluable for BMS developers.

  • Hardware accelerated map drawing.
  • Supports tactical symbology according to MIL-STD-2525 and NATO App-6.
  • Outstanding support for military geographical data formats, such as CADRG, ASRP and VPF. All data can be combined and is read in its native format.
  • Components for high-perfomance line-of-sight analysis. The analysis can be tied to any object in the map, and will be automatically updated whenever the object moves.
  • Generate realistic 3D views on-the-fly for an overview of the tactical situation.
  • Terrain Vehicle Analysis functionality can visualise terrain accessibility and calculate optimal terrain routes suitable for a specific vehicle type.
  • Fully-featured and efficient SDK for developers and system integrators.
  • Runs on multiple platforms and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android).