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Carmenta CoordCom

Control the entire chain of emergency or incident events

Carmenta CoordCom™ is a Command, Control, Communication, Computer & Information System (C4IS) for public safety organisations running an emergency response operation, as well as critical infrastructure protection operations such as border control.

With CoordCom, call takers and dispatchers can control and coordinate the entire chain of emergency or incident events, from receiving and identifying an incoming emergency call or sensor alarm, to dispatching the right resources to the incident location.

Enhance your operations by adding secure ‘as-a-Service’ public safety capabilities – enabled as private or public service layers – to your operation’s support system, without the expense of on-site hardware, read more.


  • Incident management
  • Resource/dispatch management
  • Integrated communications for current and future standards within analogue and digital radio, telephony, IP telephony and data communication
  • Multiagency support
  • Automatic alarm management
  • Free geographical seating within an all IP architecture
  • Scalability enabling installations for local, regional as well as nationwide operations
  • Carmenta CoordCom integrates into existing communication infrastructures