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Carmenta TrafficWatch™

Powerful Traffic Management System for Connected Vehicles

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ acts as an invisible traffic network supervisor, constantly working to ensure the safety of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ continuously gathers information from sensors in autonomous and connected vehicles and, together with detailed maps, real-time traffic data and information about the driving conditions, it provides complete situational awareness over a specific area, region, city, country, etc. at all times. The system is able to guide and control connected vehicles and provide operational support, for example, by advising a driver when road conditions are suitable for autonomous driving or alerting them when hazards are detected on the road ahead. In traffic control centres, the system is used to provide a comprehensive and superior overview of traffic conditions, thereby ensuring accurate incident management and optimum utilisation of connected vehicles.

Distributed as a set of cloud services, Carmenta TrafficWatch™ offers a safe, scalable and effective decision-making support solution for manned traffic control centres. In automatic mode, Carmenta TrafficWatch™ runs with minimal manual interaction.

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ application areas:


Autonomous Driving

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ merges the individual vehicle’s driving capabilities with the need for centralised control systems maintained by automotive OEMs, service providers and authorities.

Performance, reliability and safety are essential when it comes to autonomous vehicles operating on motorways and in urban environments. By increasing a vehicle’s situational awareness, you are making it a more effective contributor to safer, cleaner and more efficient road transportation for passengers and goods.


Traffic Management

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ means safer transport networks, thanks to informed decisions based on an accurate and up-to-date overview of the network status.

Carmenta technology has been used in traffic-related control rooms for decades and, as with all Carmenta products, this system provides superior situational awareness, which is crucial when monitoring traffic flows and traffic conditions. This versatile system can be run in fully automatic mode as an invisible traffic network supervisor or as a support tool for controllers in the event of network disruptions.


Connected Vehicles

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ gathers sensor data from connected vehicles and combines it with geospatial data, as well as information about the vehicle’s physical environment, to provide complete situational awareness for a specific area, region, city, road or section of a road. The scope and depth of this situational overview presents a wide range of possibilities for long term planning and early warnings.

The system’s main task, however, is to monitor and analyse driving conditions and send commands or recommendations to the respective vehicles.