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Valencia 112 invest in Carmenta CoordCom for ambulance functions

08 July 2016 ,

Carmenta in partnership with Ericsson Spain and Ilunion SA have been contracted by the Valencia 112 organisation to supply extended ambulance functions. The order, a combination of extended licenses and professional services, will allow the state’s multiple ambulance agencies to collaborate more efficiently by sharing vital incident information in a seamless and secure way. The new functions will also provide decision support functions at the 112 central for faster reprioritization of ambulances and other resources in the state when required.

“We are now taking the next step in Valencia for a tighter collaboration between the 112 central and the various ambulance agencies in our state. With an average of 7 000 calls per day managed by the system, most of them requesting ambulances, we expect these enhancements to have significant impact in how we can speed up operations and save time in rescue missions, ultimately saving lives.“ says Javier Perez, Local Product Manager and Solution Architect at the Carmenta SA office in Valencia.