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Release of Carmenta Server Core, our first web map server for Docker container platforms

14 February 2019

Carmenta is proud to introduce Carmenta Server Core, our first web map server for the Docker container platform. Built on Carmenta's market-leading technology for high performance and reliability, Carmenta Server Core supports open standards such as OGC protocols, Mapbox Vector Tiles, Cesium 3D Tiles and more.
Carmenta Server Core is the natural choice for map services over the web in microservices architectures, ensuring dynamic and optimised resource utilisation and performance. It can be deployed on Windows and Linux servers, hosted or on-premise, as well as leading cloud platforms including Amazon ECS and Azure.

"Carmenta Server Core is already contracted and used in development projects by several customers. We expect to see a strong shift of focus to map services hosted in Docker containers instead of traditional Windows servers throughout 2019,” says Pelle Arvinder, Product Manager for the Carmenta Server product family.
For more information and to evaluate Carmenta Server Core, click to read more

Also remember to sign up for the upcoming webinar were you could join two of Carmenta’s most experienced developers as they give a hands-on introduction to Carmenta Server Core, click to read more.