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Carmenta is proud to present the latest addition to its product range "Carmenta Geodata Organiser"

31 January 2013 , Carmenta Geodata Organiser

Carmenta Geodata Organiser is a complete solution for searching, collecting, updating and publishing information about GIS data and services. It contains all the necessary tools for extracting metadata information from connected sources and building an efficient catalogue for a comprehensive view of an organisation’s geodata resources. Users can easily search and find useful services or datasets. The product uses ISO standard metadata models and has certified Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) interfaces, enabling you to publish metadata for any GIS service and dataset. - We have experienced that our customers have a strong need for a complete solution to organise and make geographical-meta data searchable through a scalable product, that supports industry standards and methodology, says Johan Holmqvist Vice President Product Marketing at Carmenta. Read more about Carmenta Geodata Organiser.