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PRESS RELEASE: Carmenta wins contract for new national emergency response system in Europe

04 November 2014 ,

Carmenta has been awarded the contract to deliver a new national 112 emergency response system. Based on Carmenta’s CoordCom public safety solution, the new system will be used to manage all emergency calls to 112 in the country. Consisting of 150 operator seats, of which the main 50 operators will be located in two central Command and Control response centres, the solution will also be used by 150 local public safety agencies around the country.

Carmenta Contribution Overview

Carmenta has been contracted to deliver the software, interface adaptations, support and project management functions for the new system, commencing immediately. Completion and handover of the project to local organisations is set for November 2015. The new system will be operated by a government-run organisation.

In addition to securing all incoming calls and national emergencies, the system will also be used for alerting the general public to fires, major traffic accidents and other significant emergencies, via text messaging and the social media.

Once the new system is in place, Carmenta’s CoordCom public safety solution will be in operation in 12 different countries throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Managing an average of approximately 10,000 emergency calls a day per country, these installations must meet extremely high demands on speed, robustness and reliability. Carmenta specialises in mission critical command and control systems, supplying companies and organisations within the public safety, defence and enterprise sectors.

“We are thrilled about being selected as the system supplier. Winning this contract took a significant amount of effort, not only from us, but also from our local partners. Together we are looking forward to delivering the next generation emergency response system and supporting our customer in their plans for an improved public safety service,” says Hans Djurfeldt, CEO for Carmenta Public Safety and Security Systems.

More information:

Hans Djurfeldt, President and CEO, Carmenta Public Safety and Security Systems, hans.djurfeldt@carmenta.com

About Carmenta
Carmenta is a software company offering world-class geospatial products and solutions as well as systems for emergency response and critical infrastructure protection. With over 25 years of experience our technology is characterised by high performance, ease of use, openness and scalability. Our products are based on industry standards and support most geospatial data formats. As an active member of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Carmenta is dedicated to using and promoting open standards wherever possible.


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