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Carmenta TrafficWatch™ operational in automated vehicle systems

15 March 2019

Carmenta TrafficWatchTM has been selected by several customers in the vehicle & traffic situational awareness sector. Two customers will go live with commercial system operations in the second half of 2019, where Carmenta TrafficWatchTM is vital for the situational awareness functionality - beyond line of sight. 
Carmenta TrafficWatchTM uses cloud-based situational awareness to monitor fleets in real-time traffic, providing driving guidance for increased safety and efficiency. The product uses the latest cloud technology to ease integration with customers’ existing IT platforms and meet their needs for flexibility, scalability and global range.
 “After a long research and development phase, together with industry partners, we are proud that Carmenta TrafficWatchTM is now moving into live operations to support mission-critical customer use cases.”, says Björn Berndtsson, CEO Carmenta Group. 

About Carmenta TrafficWatchTM
Situational Awareness for Connected and Automated Vehicles
Carmenta TrafficWatchTM acts as a silent supervisor, safeguarding the operations of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Leveraging the continuous collection of sensor data, the technology provides live, ongoing analysis of the vehicles’ physical environment. Deployed as a set of cloud services, Carmenta TrafficWatchTM offers a secure and scalable solution for the safer, more efficient operation of vehicle fleets. Read more at www.carmentatrafficwatch.tech

About Carmenta 
Founded in 1985, Carmenta has been leading the way in situational awareness technology and innovation for 30+ years. Our products underlie mission-critical systems and applications in defence, transport (land, sea and air), security, public safety and automotive industries across the world. 
The products and services we provide not only enable our customers to push boundaries in their industry, they are second to none when it comes to reliability and stability.