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Carmenta technologies in the SESAR SWIM project

13 June 2014 ,

Carmenta presented at  the SESAR SWIM Demonstration 2014 at EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC) in Paris. The demonstration displayed  how OGC services implemented on the Carmenta geospatial technologies is utilized in the SESAR SWIM project.

As part of the MOSIA working group,  Carmenta is an associated partner within the SESAR project. During the last year Carmenta has been providing specialised knowledge in advancing and validating recommendations based on proven international standards in a cutting edge service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Within this task Carmenta has focused on Recommendation on 3D Geometries in AIRM, Processing and 3D Visualisation.

SWIM is a best practice methodology and its vision is to generate ATM business benefits by implementing the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services, which will assure the provision of commonly understood quality information, delivered at the right people at the right time, read more about SWIM.


SESAR unites around 3,000 experts in Europe and beyond in an effort to make the Single European Sky project (EC) a timely reality by developing technologies and procedures for a new-generation of the Air Traffic Management System capable of enhancing performance.

The international consortium “Modeling Support with standards for Information and Architecture models applied to Aviation” (MOSIA) is a working group within the SESAR project and includes: Carmenta AB, Envitia, IGSI, M-AIS, NoMagic, OGC, SINTEF, Snowflake and the University of Münster.