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Carmenta Server 4.5 released

05 October 2017

Carmenta is pleased to announce Carmenta Server 4.5, the new minor upgrade to the Carmenta web map server, which brings a number of new features and enhancements.

Carmenta Web Explorer, the Carmenta Server map client, now contains a 3D globe based on the open-source JavaScript library Cesium, and a new terrain service that is used for the 3D elevation model. Carmenta Web Explorer has also been extended with a new JavaScript API for integration and interaction that will greatly simplify the development of advanced map applications.
High performance vector maps are enabled with the added support for compressed and cached tiled vector data on the Mapbox Vector Tile (MVT) format. Vector feature visualisation in the client is simplified by the new visualisation and symbol services in Carmenta Server that allows re-use of server vector visualisation designed with the Carmenta Sever SDK development tools.


More information about the new release is available in the document What’s New in Carmenta Server 4.5. General information about Carmenta Server can be found on the product page.

For sales information, please contact sales@carmenta.com. For upgrade and evaluation information, please contact Carmenta Support at support@carmenta.com.