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Carmenta Server 4.4 released

25 November 2015 , Carmenta Server

The new release includes several improvements to Carmenta Server’s core capabilities. High-capacity websites can now be further boosted through increased performance and better control of the tile cache. System administrators will be pleased to find new tools for monitoring and controlling server and security settings.

This minor update also introduces Carmenta Web Explorer, a feature-packed and ready-to-use JavaScript client, based on the OpenLayers 3 framework. The web client has a modular structure, making it easy to maintain and extend with custom tools. Out-of-the-box, it can run on anything from display walls to mobile devices.
A number of server-side geoprocessing functions have been added and are available for any client application capable of handling OGC WMS layers. The functions were carefully selected to provide basic support for Command & Control (C2) type applications.
With Carmenta Server 4.4 comes a set of powerful web-based tools and services for downloading, processing and displaying weather forecast data.
More information about the new release is available in the document What’s New in Carmenta Server 4.4. General information about Carmenta Server can be found at the product page.
If you are interested in upgrading, would like to try out the latest version or have any other questions, please contact Carmenta support at support@carmenta.com.