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Carmenta proudly announce that Carmenta Server 4.2 is shipping

12 December 2012 , Carmenta Server

The new version makes it easier to publish GIS data as OGC services and it has more and improved metadata and geodata catalogue tools. Some of the new additions and features are summarized below.

Easy publication of geodata as OGC services

  • Online wizard tool
  • Guided publishing of geodata as WFS
  • Easier to use the proxy for cascading services

Using OGC services for downloading geodata

  • Full support for Download Services following the INSPIRE directive
  • On-the-fly data model transformations
  • Very efficient retrieval of geodata from databases

Improved support for standardised Catalogue Services

  • Faster metadata searches
  • More search options
  • Easy administration of the Catalog Server

A new geospatial portal client

  • Clear and concise presentation of search results
  • Advanced tool for listing and filtering geodata resources
  • Integrated and easy-to-use metadata editor

Integrated monitoring of services

  • Measures and presents map server performance figures in real-time
  • Information collection on per-service and per-user basis
  • Possible to set configurable alarm levels

If you are interested in upgrading, would like to try out the latest version or have any other questions, please contact Carmenta support at support@carmenta.com

For comprehensive information about this new release, please read the What’s New In Carmenta Server 4.2 document.