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Carmenta is proud to announce the release of Carmenta Engine for Android

31 May 2013 ,

Carmenta Engine for Android is the full, feature-rich Carmenta Engine GIS solution in a version suitable for the Android operating system. It contains components and tools that enable software developers to rapidly add dynamic map displays and other geospatial functions to a wide range of mission critical mobile applications.

Johan Holmqvist, Vice President Product Marketing at Carmenta says, “This is a very exciting product release that will support our customers’ mobile initiatives. We have spent considerable time, together with our customers, in order to optimise the most important features from a mobility aspect, while safeguarding the full range of capabilities that are available in our core product Carmenta Engine.”

Key benefits

  • High performance and efficient battery usage. Thanks to a highly optimised low-level core, a hardware accelerated map rendering pipeline and multi-core execution, applications using Carmenta Engine for Android are both responsive and battery efficient.
  • Efficient use of resources. The modular design of Carmenta Engine ensures that the Android version has a low memory footprint and very fast start-up time.
  • Offline or online maps. By using Carmenta Engine, developers gain full flexibility in how their Android applications read maps. It is possible to build everything from always-connected systems which retrieve maps from OGC compliant servers, such as Carmenta Server, to disconnected systems which are preloaded with battery efficient map packages.

To request an evaluation of Carmenta Engine for Android, please go to the Carmenta Engine product page.