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Carmenta launches Carmenta TrafficWatch™ for connected and autonomous vehicles

09 June 2017

Carmenta is pleased to announce the launch of Carmenta TrafficWatch™. This powerful new product is a cloud based command and control solution for the supervision and guidance of connected vehicles. Carmenta TrafficWatch™ collects, fuses and analyses traffic-related information in real-time, constantly working to ensure safety for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ gathers information from connected vehicles and, together with detailed maps, real-time traffic data and information about the driving conditions, it provides complete and uninterrupted situational awareness of the traffic in a specific area, be it a geographical region, a city or an entire country.

Performance, reliability and safety are essential when it comes to autonomous vehicles operating on motorways and in urban environments. By increasing a vehicle’s situational awareness, you are making it a more effective contributor to safer, greener and more efficient road transportation for passengers and goods. Carmenta TrafficWatch™ is able to guide connected vehicles and provide operational support, for example, by advising a driver when road conditions are suitable for autonomous driving or alerting them when hazards are detected on the road ahead. In traffic control centres, the system can be used to provide a comprehensive and superior overview of traffic conditions, thereby ensuring accurate incident management and optimum utilisation of resources.


Mikael Gråsjö, Vice President of Product Management Automotive Solutions at Carmenta says, “We are proud to offer our state-of-the-art Carmenta TrafficWatch™ command & control platform, which fits perfectly with the evolving cloud-based IT infrastructure trend surrounding connected and autonomous vehicles. Together with a number of strategic industry partners, we have tested and fine-tuned Carmenta TrafficWatch™ and optimised the product’s features and functions for its specific purpose.

For more information please visit the product page Carmenta TrafficWatch™ or contact:

Johan Holmqvist
Vice President, Business Development
Geospatial Technology, Automotive Solutions
Tel.: +46 (0)708 40 59 49
Mail: johan.holmqvist@carmenta.com