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Carmenta is first in the world to demonstrate SeaSWIM for Sea Traffic Management 

17 December 2015 ,

Carmenta is first to demonstrate the powerful SeaSWIM concept with on-line sea charts and real-time analysis functionality.

The web service based Carmenta application SeaSWIM demonstrator makes use of multiple on-line data sources made available in the Sea Traffic Management segment as well as Carmenta developed analysis functionality.

Functions such as Safety Depth, Vertical Clearance/Profile, Conflict/Collision Tool and Route Weather Forecast are demonstrated in this video:

The SeaSWIM concept has been developed in cooperation with the MONALISA 2.0 project. 
MONALISA 2.0 is an European-wide Maritime project, including 39 partners from 10 countries. The partnership is a collaboration between the private, public and academic sectors and is co-financed by the European Union. The vision is to shake up and sharpen the whole transport chain by making real-time information available to all interested and authorised parties, read more.

Carmenta is one of the partners and has contributed by taking the lead to harmonise and standardise the use of geospatial information in the Sea Traffic Management domain.

For more information, please contact Johan Holmqvist, Vice President Business Development at Carmenta.