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29 June 2018

Walking along one of all the avenues at Eurosatory you may have noticed a spotlit pillar with the writing Carmenta – Superior Situational Awareness on it. Next to the pillar were several members of Carmenta staff, demonstrating software on a large digital screen. The display showed full-colour, high definition, moving images of 2D and 3D maps, complete with various different symbols and colour codes. 
We are talking about Carmenta Geospatial Technologies, who provide software development kits to civilian and military customers around the world. These kits enable you to quickly and cost effectively analyse and visualise geospatial data using 2D/3D maps.
The Swedish-based company, with offices in Germany, France and Spain, has spent the past 30 years developing their technology. An important part of which involved making sure that everything is consistent, compatible and familiar for the person using the software. Regardless of whether they are in a control centre with several large computer screens, in a basic field office or on foot holding a small mobile device, having the same overview and functionality is essential for establishing a common situational picture.
Using a large touchscreen, Carmenta staff demonstrated how easy it was to build the kind of solution that combines high definition static background data and dynamic information from things like radars and CCTV. The demo took us from Gothenburg where we observed radar tracks, to Munich where we saw the technology’s intuitive routing capabilities within and outside of the national transportation network. And one of Carmenta technology’s many useful features is its terrain routing function, which calculates the best possible route based on terrain, elevation and form of transportation. It also has a no-access setting, so you can define specific areas that should be avoided, for example, due to IEDs or other possible threats. 
The final stop on our demo tour was Corsica, where Carmenta’s head of product management Tobias Moberg showed us how to deal with highly detailed 3D map data and the kind of analyses you can perform.
Mats Pålsson, Carmenta’s head of sales and marketing adds, “I get a real kick out of seeing how quickly a new customer is able to integrate our technology with their own applications. And how it really improves the service they are able to offer their customers.”
Carmenta has been exhibiting at Eurosatory for four years now and, as Carmenta Geospatial Technologies’ CEO Torbjörn Lönnquist puts it, “This exhibition is very rewarding, in terms of costs and effort. It’s very important for us to be able to demonstrate our strengths, so people can actually see what can be achieved with our technology.”
Leaving the Carmenta stand and the spotlit pillar, the lasting impression is of the exciting technology. But also the energy and warmth of the Carmenta staff.