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Carmenta Engine 5.7 released

16 December 2014 , carmenta engine Product news

The new 5.7 version of Carmenta Engine provides on-the-fly calculation of the terrain and obstacle clearance of flight routes, as well as support for commercial nautical charts in the IHO S-63 format. It also comes with extended support for MIL-STD-2525C symbology.

Other major improvements include the ability to add full-text indexes to any vector data source for fast address and point of interest search as well as a new aggregation algorithm that can be used to declutter military tactical overlays based on the order of battle (ORBAT).

More information about the new release is available in the document What’s New in Carmenta Engine 5.7. General information about Carmenta Engine can be found at the product page.

Carmenta Engine version 5.7 is shipping now, please contact sales@carmenta.com for more information.