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Carmenta Engine 5.3 Released

12 July 2012 ,

Carmenta today announced that Carmenta Engine 5.3 is now shipping

Carmenta Engine 5.3 contains over 100 improvements in total. Here are a few new features that we would especially like to highlight.

For a full list of new features and improvements, refer to the release notes that are included in the installation packages.

Tightly Integrated OGC Map Server Support
With the improved support for retrieving maps from OGC compliant map servers like Carmenta Server, it is now easier than ever to streamline your map management

  • Auto-Configuring WMS Connections. Extremely simple to configure map server connections. All you have to do is to set the URL to the map service – everything else is automatically set up. Another new feature is that remote layers behave just like local layers, for instance, they show up in layer controls where they can be individually enabled and disabled.
  • WMTS Support. Support for the new WMTS tile based map service OGC standard.
  • Improved Background Loading Progress Indication. Support for showing loading progress indicators of data loading in the background.

Advanced Map Typography

  • Fast and Easy Label Deconfliction. A major problem in map making is being able to place labels well, usually with the difficult goal of placing as many labels as possible without overlap. The new improved LabelOrganizingLayer is now much easier to start using, produces better results, is faster and has several useful new features such as remove duplicate labels and symbols.
  • Support for rendering Arabic and other right-to-left languages.

Productivity Improvements for Map Designers

  • Improved Carmenta Studio Usability. Carmenta Studio will now automatically show all possible attributes, names and types of feature that may pass through a layer. The attributes are easily accessible in several drop-down menus, for example when configuring visualization. And when configuring tables such as a color tables, the tables can be automatically populated with actual values.
  • New Documentation Designed Specifically For Map Designers.
  • New predefined Symbols, Line Styles and Patterns.
  • Layered Line Styles. Multilayered and multicoloured line styles can now easily be combined and used as a single line style using the new LayeredLineStyle component.

Map Performance Improvements
Just as with every release, we have worked hard to ensure that version 5.3 is the fastest Carmenta Engine release yet. This time the team has focused on the following areas:

  • New, Fully Automatic Cache Management. Rather than specifying cache priorities individually using the cache size property on each DataSet, it will now automatically ensure that the DataSets that are most frequently accessed get to use more of the cache.
  • Improved DirectX Rendering Performance. Thanks to several low-level changes, the DirectX-based rendering module is significantly faster in Carmenta Engine 5.3.
  • New VPF data reader. The new reader is several times faster than the old reader and it can now read more inconsistant VPF distributions. Another new feature is full support for the VPF-based aeronautical obstacle format, VVOD.
  • Automatic Point Reduction to Improve Rendering Frame Rate. The TileLayer component can now automatically perform a scale-dependent reduction of the number of points in line and polygon geometries. This makes it much easier to work with, and speeds up the rendering of vector data outside its native scale range.

If you are interested in upgrading, would like to try out the latest version or have any other questions, please contact Carmenta support at support@carmenta.com

For comprehensive information about this new release, please read the What’s New In Carmenta Engine 5.3 document.