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Carmenta demonstrates Autonomous Driving traffic control cloud project

07 July 2017


Carmenta has joined forces with several strategic industry partners for a cooperation project to develop and test a cloud-based traffic management system for connected and autonomous vehicles for autonomous driving (AD). Together with Volvo Car Corporation, Ericsson, the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Gothenburg, Carmenta has established the AD Aware Traffic Control platform that combines real-time traffic data, weather information and detailed geospatial data from local road networks and their surroundings to create an improved and shared operational picture of the traffic situation.

The AD Aware Traffic Control project, the results of which were presented at Lindholmen, Gothenburg on 27 June, is funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency, and its project partners under the Drive Sweden strategic innovation programme. The project has delivered proof of concept on how a centralised cloud-based traffic management system can improve transport efficiency and reduce environmental impact in congested areas, as well as improve safety and the driving experience for users of connected and autonomous vehicles. This functionality operates alongside various other applications within the Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud, providing the opportunity for extensive cooperation between Drive Sweden partners and enabling new partnerships to be established, in addition to various scalability and streamlining capabilities.

The system will also serve as a powerful collaboration platform in which many contributors will be able to benefit from shared data. OEM vehicle operators will contribute with real-time information about traffic situations involving their vehicles and traffic authorities will share a real-time overview of the status of their road networks. The resulting synergies will mean things like improved situational awareness for traffic management authorities and real-time information for autonomous vehicle fleets about the suitability for autonomous driving, in addition to detailed instructions for avoiding road network disruptions.


“We are very excited about the potential of a traffic control cloud and are proud to be contributing with our geospatial cloud technology and control room expertise. Our tools for automated analysis and decision support are already being used, and have a proven record 24/7/365 reliability, in many operational rescue centres around the world, were they are helping to save lives,” says Björn Berndtsson, CEO of Carmenta Group.

Carmenta’s contribution to the AD Aware Traffic Control project involves the design and implementation of a centralised traffic control platform for superior situational awareness. The platform will be based on the Carmenta TrafficWatchTM product, which is designed to support the various aspects of operational traffic management in cloud environments. The platform is operated in Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud, which is developed and operated by Ericsson and partners, based on Ericsson IoT Accelerator and Ericsson Connected Urban Transport.

More information:
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Vice President, Business Development
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