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Maritime Search & Rescue 2018

Meet Carmenta at the Maritime Search & Rescue 2018.

When: 22 May - 24 May

Where: Helsinki, Finland.

Carmenta will demonstrate its new state of the art SAR system. The system is a multi-user emergency response system that can handle both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been designed to meet all the requirements of demanding search and rescue operations, and its combination of user friendliness and hi-tech features ensures that operators are able to locate incidents and direct resources quickly and accurately.

Carmenta will as well present a peak view of its under development new sea traffic management system. The system is cloud based and continuously gathers information from multi data source’s like sensors, maps, real-time traffic information, AIS, weather and much more into a common operational picture. In sea traffic control centres, the system will be used to provide a comprehensive and superior overview of traffic conditions, provide automatic situation monitoring and thereby ensuring accurate incident management and optimum traffic management.

Read more about Carmenta Maritime Technology.

Developing Capabilities for SAR Operations.

Increasing vessel traffic, developments in technology and extreme environmental conditions are forcing response units to review and increase their Maritime Search and Rescue capabilities.

Key areas of interest will include communications, command and control and deployment of new/different platforms to enable faster, safer rescues. Read more about the event.