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Traffic Management

One thing all traffic has in common – land, sea or air – is that volumes are increasing. Traffic density and a huge demand for more efficient transportation solutions means we need smarter traffic networks and we need to make better use of our current infrastructure.

Carmenta helps traffic network operators to achieve superior situational awareness, thereby enabling them to improve safety and streamline their operations. Background maps with integrated sensor data, weather forecasts, video streams and other information provide the type of common operational picture that will be necessary for the command and control systems of the future.


Command and Control Technology for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Carmenta’s command and control (C2) cloud system for autonomous and connected vehicles acts as an invisible traffic network supervisor, constantly working to ensure the safety of any connected vehicles. It monitors each vehicle with full situational awareness, through a combination of sensor data and uninterrupted analysis of the vehicle’s physical environment, and sends a constant flow of information and commands to connected vehicles in order to optimise operations. Deployed as a set of cloud services, this technology offers a safe and scalable solution for managing and controlling any fleet of connected vehicles, read more about Carmenta TrafficWatch™.


Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are all about the optimisation and management of safer transport networks through better decision making. A common operational picture, displaying geographical information together with real-time sensors and system data, is crucial for monitoring traffic flows and traffic situations. It is also the ideal tool for helping controllers to decide on the correct course of action for preventing and resolving network disturbances. Carmenta technology has been used in traffic-related control rooms for decades, helping many civil administrations to achieve superior situational awareness.


Aviation Situational Awareness

Carmenta’s history began with situational awareness technology for the aviation industry. Thirty years and a wealth of experience later, Carmenta is still helping clients in civil and defence aviation to achieve superior situational awareness. Examples of technology currently being used by our customers include map production, flight planning, electronic flight bags, seamless enroute charts, mission planning, obstacle avoidance calculations and much more. Read the case study for NavBlue.



Maritime Situational Awareness

Carmenta technology, products and expertise are currently being used in a wide range of maritime applications. Government departments, commercial businesses and defence organisations rely on Carmenta for their maritime systems. We build end-to-end systems and add map displays, geographical functionality and maps-as-a-service to mission critical systems, such as fleet management, route planning, command and control (C2) and search and rescue (SAR) systems. We are constantly exploring ways to make sea transportation safer and greener and, as an active partner in the EU Sea Traffic Management Validation project, we are committed to making that happen. See The "Carmenta SeaSWIM" movie and read more.