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When it comes to public security, superior situational awareness and rapid response are almost certainly top of the list. Integrated surveillance technology, efficient resource management and sophisticated geographic analysis tools are an essential part of this.

Working together with leading system integration partners, Carmenta provides a range of components for building and supplying state-of-the-art security solutions.


Airborne Maritime Surveillance

Surveillance of large areas and distances is a challenging process. Carmenta’s technology for airborne surveillance solutions offers a user-friendly operator interface for real-time surveillance of sea surface activities, with dynamic map displays and sophisticated geographic analysis functionalities.


Smart City Solutions

Carmenta’s command and control (C2) technology for smart cities has been designed to bring organisations and departments closer together so they can collaborate, share information and coordinate their operations. Carmenta technology provides superior situational awareness and offers advanced solutions for infrastructure surveillance, manual and automatic alert activation, and public security resource management.


Border Control Solutions

Border control operations typically span a wide geographic area, often involving difficult and varied terrain. Carmenta’s border control solutions use advanced GIS technology that enables operators to remotely monitor border locations and coordinate resources from the comfort of the control room. Integrating a large volume of data and real-time sensor information and offering video surveillance, GIS-based situational awareness, case handling and automatic sensor alarm management, this multifunctional surveillance and response system can help to simplify and streamline border control operations.


Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

Serious incidents, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or criminal activity, can cause major disruptions to the critical infrastructure of a region or country. Reliable coordination and management tools are an essential part of preparedness and response operations. Carmenta’s solutions for critical infrastructure protection have been carefully developed to ensure rapid response and the efficient coordination of resources in situations relating to infrastructure protection.