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Public Safety

Every second counts in emergency response situations. Being in the right place with the right resources as fast as possible saves lives, reduces suffering and prevents unnecessary property damage, but it requires complex communication processes and efficient management of public safety resources.

Having the right decision-making and resource coordination tools means faster and more accurate emergency response. The greatest benefit to society will, of course, be one of reduced suffering and lives saved, but efficient resource management will also result in lower operating costs.

Based on our own geospatial technology, Carmenta’s public safety solutions also use our call taking, dispatch and communications technologies, all of which have been tried, tested and proven to be effective in mission-critical systems for more than 30 years.


Emergency Response

Coordinating time-sensitive rescue operations, like emergency dispatch and search and rescue (SAR) efforts, requires extremely reliable, specific software tools that must provide users with comprehensive, real-time situational awareness in order to minimise response times. Carmenta’s Emergency Response Command, Control, Communication and Computers Information System (C4IS) is an efficient system for call taking, dispatch and geospatial analysis with accurate decision making support, read more about our technology for emergency response Carmenta CoordCom.


Search and Rescue

Carmenta Search and Rescue is a multi-user emergency response system designed for the Swedish Maritime Administration’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), for the management of both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been carefully designed to meet the high demands of sophisticated search and rescue operations, and it enables operators to easily locate incidents and coordinate resources quickly and accurately. Read about how technology from Carmenta simplifies search and rescue operations for JRCC.


Disaster Management

Disasters can vary tremendously in terms of scale, scope and necessary resources. Earthquakes, forest fires, volcanic eruptions and flooding are just a few examples of emergency situations in which vast geographic areas are affected and where careful coordination and centralised management can be critical factors. With Carmenta’s command and control systems, all of the agencies and resources involved in an operation can be coordinated via a single common operational picture.