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Continuous growth in the maritime industry means more ships are traversing our oceans and, as a result, there is an even greater need for superior situational awareness. Carmenta products, technology and expertise are currently being used in a wide range of mission critical systems with very high demands when it comes to situational awareness, such as fleet management, route planning, command and control (C2) and search and rescue (SAR) systems. We provide high performance software products and develop client-specific solutions that help our customers optimise their operations using real-time geospatial information. 


Search and Rescue

Carmenta Search and Rescue is a multi-user emergency response system designed for The Swedish Maritime Administration’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), for the management of both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been carefully designed to meet the high demands of sophisticated search and rescue operations, and it enables operators to easily locate incidents and coordinate resources quickly and accurately. Read about how technology from Carmenta simplifies search and rescue operations for JRCC.



Carmenta offers a range of standard web map services, including maps, sea charts and weather modules. These can easily be integrated into your systems, thereby relieving you of the complex task of managing data and maps. We also offer analytical web map services based on geographical services and data, such as under keel clearance, collision avoidance calculations and route and weather analysis. Watch our SeaSWIM demonstrator video to find out more about combined web services and analysis.


Fleet Management

Commercial fleet management systems currently use Carmenta technology and products to monitor and track their connected fleets. These systems are management platforms that keep track of things like route plans, vessel positions, maintenance schedules, engine wear and cargo data. Carmenta provides these systems with the technology that enables them to display tactical maps, integrate weather information and deploy web services, among other things.


Sea Traffic Management - STM

The shipping industry of the future would significantly benefit from support systems that improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. As an active partner in the EU STM Validation Project, Carmenta is committed to making that happen. On behalf of the STM Project, Carmenta digitalised SAR communication for Sweden’s search and rescue system, thereby making SAR operations more efficient and saving lives.