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Geographic data is a fundamental part of most government decisions and, when combined with other sources of information, it enables decision makers to analyse, understand and optimise operations.

A growing dependency on fast access to accurate data has created a demand for extremely reliable technology, data structures, security and quality, something that Carmenta has been assisting government agencies with for decades.



Public Web Map Sites and Portals

Public access to information is essential for all functions of society, and geospatial data is almost always part of that. Managing, publishing and distributing maps and other geospatial data to end users via internet and intranet services is what Carmenta Server was built for. It offers robust, cost-effective technology for building highly scalable web-based geospatial solutions and simplifies the exchange of geographic data using standardised, open interfaces. Carmenta Server has proven its value to a wide range of government-related networks. Read more about Carmenta Server.


Geodata Catalogues

A fully populated, enterprise-wide geographical information system (GIS) contains a vast amount of data, which has often been collected over a long period via a range of different tools. This data is a valuable asset, and one that is often overlooked. This is mainly due to the lack of overview, and frequently results in unnecessary re-survey work to collect geodata and metadata that is already in the system. Carmenta’s solution can help you make the most of your geographical and meta data. Read more about Carmenta Geodata Organiser.


Spatial Data Infrastructure 

Any GIS infrastructure should be seen as a long-term investment. New requirements will inevitably emerge, as a business grows or develops and as the needs and ways of our society change. Choosing geospatial technology from Carmenta means investing in cost-effective solutions based on open industry standards. It also means investing in powerful, reliable technology that has been designed for mission critical operations and that can be used for many years to come. Read more about Carmenta Server.


Solutions for the INSPIRE Directive

The INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) directive, which came into force in May 2007, aims to create an EU-wide spatial data infrastructure (SDI) that will enable the sharing of spatial data between public sector organisations across Europe and is estimated to be fully implemented by 2019. Carmenta Server already supports all service interfaces for geodata and metadata exchange in accordance with the INSPIRE regulations, recommendations and guidelines. Read more about the INSPIRE directive and Carmenta.


Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are all about the optimisation and management of safer transport networks through better decision making. A common operational picture, displaying geographical information together with real-time sensor and system data, is crucial for monitoring traffic flows and traffic situations. It is also the ideal tool for helping controllers to decide on the correct course of action for preventing and resolving network disturbances. Carmenta technology has been used in traffic-related control rooms for decades, helping many civil administrations to achieve superior situational awareness.