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The automotive industry is changing fast, steadily evolving into a self-driving automotive industry. Carmenta TrafficWatch™ makes automated driving safer and smarter, by providing connected fleets of vehicles with cloud-deployed superior situational awareness. A greater understanding of the overall traffic situation means more informed operational decisions, smarter use of each vehicle and, as a result, the kind of efficiency and trust that you would expected from automated driving technology.  



Cloud Services for Automated Vehicles

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ gives connected vehicles the ability to see far beyond the vehicle’s sensors. This powerful cloud-based system monitors each vehicle with complete situational awareness by collecting both dynamic and static data, as well as constantly analysing the vehicle’s physical environment. It then automatically issues safety instructions to avoid situations or events that may compromise safe or efficient driving.


Carmenta ControlTower™ in the Cloud, for Automated Transport

Road traffic control towers deal with a wide range of different tasks, most of which require a thorough understanding of the real-time operating environment of their controlled vehicles. Carmenta ControlTower™ provides operators and fully automated systems with complete situational awareness, thereby enabling them to constantly ensure safety and efficiency of their vehicles.


Smart City

In all smart city solutions, road traffic and efficient transport is a major element. Carmenta provides the functionality needed to support smart and safe operations of automated vehicles in such environments. Whether it is transport vehicles, taxis, UAVs or autonomous pods they all need to have full situational awareness for planning and execution of their operations. Carmenta TrafficWatch™ will be available and on watch 24/7, in the cloud, safeguarding safety and efficiency.



Traffic Management

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) optimise and improve the safety of transportation networks through better decision making. A fundamental part of that is situational awareness, which is achieved by combining geospatial- and real-time sensor -data into a common operational picture. Complete situational awareness is crucial when monitoring network status and traffic flow. It enables operators to determine the correct course of preventative or remedial action in the event of a network disruption.