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Master’s Thesis at Carmenta Geospatial Technologies 

Carmenta has been supplying world-class software for mission-critical systems for more than 30 years – systems in which superior situational awareness is the key to success. We provide high performance software products, develop client-specific solutions and offer a wide range of services that help some of the world’s most technologically-advanced customers optimise their operations using real-time geospatial information. Carmenta has offices in Gothenburg (HQ) and Stockholm, Sweden, and subsidiaries in France, Spain and Germany.

Carmenta is pleased to announce different openings for Master’s Thesis in the field of Geographic Information Technology. See below different suggestions for your next Master’s Thesis.

Carmenta Engine Analysis.jpg

Rendering transparent objects efficiently and correctly

A GIS (Geographical Information System) application needs to render different kinds of transparent objects, simple transparent billboards and more complex self-intersecting geometry mixed with highly detailed 3D meshes but rendering transparent objects efficiently in a 3D scene is a challenge and there is no clear best choice for all circumstances. 
Compare different methods of rendering transparent objects and present the drawbacks and advantages for each method. The behaviour should be evaluated by prototype implementations using either OpenGL or DirectX inside the Carmenta Engine rendering pipeline.
This task is suitable for students interested in shader programming and computer graphics.

Automatic decision support from dynamic geographic data

C3I systems (Command Control Communication & Intelligence) present different kinds of data that operators evaluate and then base decisions on. The data is often geographical in nature like the positions of vessels, vehicles or persons. 
Evaluate the kind of automatic analyses, and their correctness, that can be performed on a set of dynamic geographical data by taking the object movement into account.
This task is suitable for students interested in AI and machine learning.

Geospatial Container Orchestration Optimisation

Server software today is moving away from a monolithic architecture towards a modular and container-based one. This trend is expected to grow and eventually replace the traditional architecture. Carmenta Server, Carmenta’s web map server, is following this trend and will in the future support a more modular installation and deployment, based on the Docker container framework.
One of the goals with a container-based architecture is to dynamically scale the number of active containers at a given time to optimise resource utilisation, being able to handle all current load levels regardless of peak/off-peak hours while at the same time not allocate system resources unnecessarily.
The purpose of the master’s thesis is to investigate methods to dynamically analyse both historic and current load level information, in order to predict and proactively ensure that the correct number of containers are always active at a given time. 
This thesis work is suitable for students with strong programming skills and interest in large distributed software systems.

Group Interaction on Large Multi-Touch Displays

Large, multi-touch displays are fairly commonplace these days. But there is a growing demand for tabletop, i.e. horizontally-mounted, touchscreens that an entire group of people can gather round and interact with, for example, when using a map application. However, most multi-touch interfaces are not designed for multiple simultaneous user interactions within the same application at the same time, without some degree of interference. In order to get around this problem, the most common solution is for users to simply take turns, so that only one user is interacting with the multi-touch table at any given time, making this an extremely inefficient process. 
The purpose of this Master’s Thesis is to explore potential solutions to this problem and methods that would allow multiple users to work simultaneously within a single map application running on a multi-touch table, and work more efficiently as a result. 
This thesis work is suitable for pairs of students with strong programming skills and interest in collaborative User Experience design (UX). 


Please send your application and a copy of your CV to employment@carmenta.com.