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30 years of experience

About us

Carmenta has been supplying world-class software for mission-critical systems for more than 30 years – systems in which superior situational awareness is the key to success. We provide high performance software products, develop client-specific solutions and offer a wide range of services that help some of the world’s most technologically-advanced customers optimise their operations using real-time geospatial information.

Whether you run an emergency response centre, plan and lead military operations or manage a traffic control centre – Carmenta is your trusted global partner.






Management Team Carmenta Group

Björn Berndtsson, President and CEO
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer

Management Team Geospatial Technology

Björn Berndtsson, President and CEO 
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer
Torbjörn Lönnqvist, VP Head of Sales & Marketing
Stefan Augustsson, Director IT
Johan Holmqvist, VP Business Development
Jörgen Emilsson, VP Head of Business Unit Automotive
Tobias Moberg, VP Product Management
Carl-Johan Lundell, VP Professional Services, Quality Officer
Patrik Ellrén, VP Research & Development

Management Team Public Safety and Security Systems

Björn Berndtsson, President and CEO
Johan Hedensiö, COO / Head of International Sales
Susanne Rydén, Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Björnberg, Chief Technology Officer
Stefan Augustsson, Strategy Account Manager, Director IT
Steve Watson, Director Sales

Board of Directors Carmenta Group

Henrik Scharp, Chairman of the board 
Gunnar Storm 
Jonas Fredriksson 
Wolfgang Kroh 
Crister Stjernfelt 
Kristian Jaldemark
Staffan Westin
Jonas Reinfeldt