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Carmenta Server Core

Containerised Map Services on the Docker Platform for Microservices Architectures

Carmenta Server core allows distribution and deployment of geospatial services on Docker containers, allowing optimised resource utilisation and performance, while natively enabling full integration with microservices architectures and major cloud environments.

Carmenta Server Core extends Carmenta’s proven and reliable web map server, Carmenta Server for Windows Servers, with native support for the Docker containers platform. Carmenta Server Core allows containerised web map services to be deployed on Windows and Linux servers, physical or virtual, hosted or on-premise, as well as leading cloud platforms including Amazon ECS and Azure.

Sharing the same code base as Carmenta Server for Windows Servers, Carmenta Server Core shares the same architecture including support for internal scaling up by allowing multiple internal map server instances for optimal resource utilisation and performance. In addition, Carmenta Server Core supports scaling out over multiple containers using Docker Swarm or the Kubernetes orchestration framework.The shared code base, which has been ported to the modern Microsoft frameworks .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, also allows Carmenta Server Core to support reading and processing the same geospatial data formats as Carmenta Server for Windows Server, including raster and vector data, geospatial databases, external OGC services, sensor data and many more.

Further, all real-time geospatial analysis functions of Carmenta Server for Windows Servers including line-of-sight and terrain calculations are supported, as are most of the map service interfaces for published web map services, including open standards such as OGC protocols, Mapbox Vector Tiles, Cesium 3D Tiles and more.

Carmenta Server Core is delivered as a set of different Docker images built on and targeting various environments, including Windows Server Core and various Linux distributions such as CentOS and Ubuntu. Besides the Docker containers for production deployment, Carmenta Server Core includes an SDK with design tools for developing and testing map services prior to publishing them.

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