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Geospatial and emergency response systems

High-performance geospatial (GIS) solutions 

Our technology is characterised by high performance, ease-of-use, openness and scalability. Our products are based on standards and we support most geospatial data formats. As a Technical Committee member of OGC, the Open Geospatial Consortium, Carmenta is dedicated to using and promoting open standards wherever possible.

Our products – running on Windows, Linux and Android – include:

Carmenta Engine

A Map Engine designed to be integrated into mission critical applications. With an easy to use SDK, it is possible to develop advanced map based solutions in a short time.


Carmenta Server

A Geospatial Server Technology for building large scale network centric geospatial solutions. Carmenta Server supports most important OGC standards.

Carmenta Geodata Organiser

A complete solution for searching, collecting, organising, updating and publishing information about GIS data and services.

Carmenta Map Builder

An easy-to-use application that enables end users to prepare and deploy background maps to Carmenta based applications. The maps are also directly ready for publishing as web services in Carmenta Server.

Custom Development

Our experienced development teams design and build highly customised solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We have over the years achieved domain specific knowledge that helps our customers shorten time to market and reduce development costs.

Systems for emergency response and critical infrastructure protection

In emergency response situations, every second counts. Being at the right place, with the right resources, as fast as possible saves lives, reduces suffering and minimises property damage – but this requires optimum utilisation of public safety resources. With the right decision making and resource coordination tools, emergency response will be faster and more accurate. And as efficiency increases, operating costs will start to decrease. But the greatest saving for society will be one of reduced suffering and lives saved.

Our products include:

Carmenta CoordCom

Fully fledged C4IS system that integrates incident and resource management into communication systems in a single core product.

Carmenta ResQMap 

A map display to be used in mission critical applications.

Carmenta Sea & Air Rescue

Carmenta Sea & Air Rescue is a multi-user emergency response system designed for JRCCs (Joint Rescue Coordination Centres) that can handle both maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents. The system has been designed to meet all the requirements of demanding search and rescue operations, and its combination of user friendliness and hi-tech features ensures that operators are able to locate incidents and direct resources quickly and accurately.