Visualisation and distribution of GIS data through web services

Carmenta Server

Carmenta Server provides all the necessary functionality for managing, publishing and distributing maps and other geospatial data to end users via internet and intranet services. It offers robust, cost-effective technology for building highly scalable web-based geospatial solutions and simplifies the exchange of geographic data using standardised, open interfaces. Carmenta Server has proven its value to customers in a wide range of domains, from official governmental websites to private enterprise networks.

Carmenta Server has outstanding performance and reliability credentials in operational deployments. It is built around the ability to read any raster and vector data from multiple  sources in its native format and handles everything relating to maps, sensor data and other types of geospatial information. The product allows for on-the-fly data geoprocessing operations, enabling in-line transformations in all service interfaces.

Carmenta Server fully utilises the latest in server technology and hardware architectures. It can be deployed to support small GIS teams with single machine installations and scaled up to run enterprise-wide networks.

Given the very high performance figures and an ability to handle high loads, a business critical GIS website can run on fewer servers without compromising capacity or availability.The product fully supports deploying Internet services in virtual and cloud environments.

Carmenta is a technical committee member of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), an international industry consortium of more than 480 companies, government agencies and universities. We strive to use open and international de-facto standards wherever possible in our products.

Carmenta Server 4.1.1 OGC certificates:


OGC Implementing/Compliant Product Details

Key features

  • Native reading of geospatial formats and databases
  • Seamless integration of sensor data in services
  • High performance
  • Easy set-up and administration
  • Compliant support for OGC standards

Carmenta Server is used:

  • As a core technology in Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solutions
  • For publishing geodata according to the INSPIRE directive
  • For serving high-capacity public web map sites
  • In GIS clearinghouse solutions

Carmenta Server Extensions:

WFS Extension – support for OGC Web Feature Service Specification (WFS) 1.1.0
CSW Extension – support for OGC Catalog Service/Web Specification (CSW) 2.0.2
WCS Extension – support for OGC Web Coverage Service Specification (WCS) 1.1.1

Live Carmenta Server site samples:

  • provides information for planning journeys (Customer: The Swedish Transport Administration) (In Swedish)
  • BatMan is a bridge and tunnel management system (Customer: The Swedish Transport Administration) (In Swedish)
  • MyMap is web map portal (Customer: Infab) (In Swedish)
  • HELCOM is the Helsinki Commission Hydrographic Re-Survey-plan (Customer: The Swedish Maritime Administration)